Mchain guide, all you can do in MarbellaChain

The first thing I want to say is that this is just an Mchain guide that I do on my own, they have nothing to do with the blockchain or its creators.

mchain guide

The why to do it? After taking a few years in the crypto world, to know many cryptocurrencies, some blockchain; all this on the Internet, I can finally meet the creators in person.

Does this mean that it is a legitimate blockchain? I believe that yes, the hand in the fire I will not put it, because I prefer to burn it with more personal and familiar themes.

But after taking a couple of months knowing the project I assure you that there is a lot of potential and desire to do things well; see the people behind and check that there is a clear intention to create something big.

I have started to recommend it, and I think it has a great future.

Mchain guide starts, What is Mchain?

The first thing I did was to investigate and ask in their channels, especially Telegram, which is where they are most active. And of course read on their website, and this was the first thing I discovered about MarbellaChain.

Although I’ve been in this for a while, it’s still difficult for me to distinguish so many terms and I did not know exactly what I was knowing until I attended an event where they presented the project. The Smart Living Marbella on Blockchain and Smart Cities.

There I found out about Mchain, MAR, and Marbella´s Blockchain Cultural Association.


It is a Blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin, that is, it is not just a coin, nor is it an ICO, nor a token. But a complete ecosystem where you can do smart contract, where you can create Dapps (applications) and where you can also create your own currency using your resources and taking advantage of your entire network.

It is a blockchain so its capacity for growth is much greater than any project based on tokens or ICOs.

Anyone can use their potential by creating applications based on their system.

It has a team willing to support any viable initiative to make this blockchain and its entire ecosystem more useful.


Mcoin – MAR

MAR is the currency with which gas, fees or commissions are paid as you wish to call. This currency that can be mined by the PoS 3.0 system. That is, just by having coins in your wallet, you can get more daily.

In fact right now, if you have 10000 coins that your price to buy it in the exchanges where it is available now, about 375 satoshis, it would be about 190 dollars. And the daily benefit you can get just by staking, that is, keeping them on your wallet is between 2 and 3 dollars depending on the difficulty.

Can you lower the price ?, of course, but taking into account that it is a project that has just started, in January 2019 it was launched, that only 1% of the total is put into circulation. That has good fundamentals and that the blockchain is already being used by several companies and soon more projects will be joined. This is the best time to enter.

Of course. Thousands of things can happen that make it not work, but the projection is very promising. And there are also many reasons why it can be a good ecosystem in which many projects, other tokens and applications with many possibilities are settled.

Marbella Blockchain

It is an association that was born with the intention of giving visibility to the world of cryptocurrencies through training and events.

Some of its missions are to inform, advise and protect the public about the world of cryptocurrencies and possible scams that also occur, as in any other market.

What does Mchain offer?

With this guide about Mchain what I want is to make known everything you can do now and everything that can be done in the future.

Now you can support them by buying some MAR and making the community grow; at the same time you will be benefiting because just by having those MAR you can receive some more daily.

How is this possible?

Thanks to the PoS 3.0 system; if you use one of the wallets that allow staking, the one of Telegram, in a computer or in a server in the cloud; you will help verify the transactions and that will give you some benefits.

If you want to know more about the PoS system (Proof of Stake) and its difference with the PoW (Proof of Work) here you have more information.

Best of all, it does not require you to have a large next-generation computer or a powerful graphics card. Only your computer is on. Or use a VPS server that can cost you $ 5 per month and with which you can receive between $ 2 and $ 3 per day. The numbers come out clearly.

Mchain guide, How do I get benefits while helping?

The best of all this, is that, in many projects, ICOs, just ask you to invest and wait a while, usually long to recover your investment.

With Mchain and its MAR you can start to recover the investment from the first day. You decide, if you want to keep everything in your wallet or you are selling the profits through the different exchanges where it is listed.

Another great point in favor, which has made me decide to write this Mchain guide, is already available in several exchanges, something that does not happen with many tokens, which in many cases do not even get listed, directly disappear.

Sure, but how do I get my first MAR

The easiest way to get free MAR, is to join your faucet on Telegram where you earn 1 MAR every 12 hours. It seems little but they are valued between 375 and 410 satoshis in these moments, do the accounts.

MAR faucet
(1 Free MAR every 12 hours)

Also, in their Telegram channels, they have an international one where they speak in English and another in Spanish for the Spanish speaking community.

International Telegram Channel Mchain | $ MAR

Hispanic Telegram Channel Blockchain Marbella

They have a system of incentives and donations called / tip, through which users who make interesting contributions are rewarded. To actively participate or share something that someone in the community likes.

And if after reading this guide Mchain decides that it is a project that deserves your support and you want to invest, you can do so by buying MAR in one of these tree exchanges:

CREX24, this is where I have done some other operation and it is very easy to use, the purchase price is usually somewhat lower than in the next. At least it is my appreciation.

STEX, is the other exchange where you can get your MAR.

FinexBox, an exchange located in the Seychelles

Once I have my MAR, how can I earn more by mining?

Before continuing with this Mchain guide, I advise you to have one of the following wallets:

Telegram Wallet, with this you can park and you will earn some more MAR. But it is not recommended, first because it does not give as much as the other two options. And second because it’s on Telegram, let’s say you do not have as much control as if you have it on your computer.

Desktop Wallet or Desktop, with this wallet you can also mine, I’ve used it a few days and it’s perfect. The only disadvantage, that you have to leave your computer always on. And it is not recommended to do it on a computer where you are working all day. Or that you do not have very protected. But it’s a good option, especially if you have an outdated device out there that you can leave on.

The third option would be a wallet in a VPS, for that you will have to make another investment, from $ 5 monthly you can find VPS with which to do it. Soon there will be a guide to explain how to assemble everything. It is supposed that this is where the most benefit is given.

Wallets for Android, iPhone or paper are not good for mining. Here you have all the wallets available for MAR.

Social Media in Mchain guide

No doubt, where more assets are and where more party you can get to MAR is Telegram, but they are also on Twitter, Facebook and Medium.

All groups, bots and utilities in Telegram

To the official channels that I have indicated above, we must add:

Mchain Tip, where you can have information about your balance, send or deposit MAR, and know your private key. And of course reward whoever you want with the / tip command.

mchain tip

Mchain Explorer, with this bot you can learn everything about Mchain, supply, statistics in real time, commissions or fees, the difficulty of the network, the stake and much more.

mchain explorer

Mchain Faucet, I’ve already commented is where you can get a MAR every 12 hours. It also has a referral system and if someone does it through you, you will receive another one every time that person does it.

mchain faucet

Mchain Wallet, here you will have your wallet address and the QR code also appears, much easier so you can share it and receive payments by just scanning it on another device.

mchain wallet

Of course you also have the block browser on your website, as well as all the information. Its official website is

And also through the web of the association you have a forum where you can find answers to many doubts and questions that we ask ourselves when we started. And you can also ask your questions.

Tokens & Dapps

Do you have in mind some project in which you may need smart contracts or tokenize it?

I would certainly speak to its developers because they are willing to support any initiative and it is a network that can contribute a lot to any person, company or institution that wants to undertake in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

There are many possibilities, traceability of products and services, bonuses, discounts and savings cards of many businesses, smart contracts between companies or individuals.

Every time there is more news of multinational companies that adopt in one way or another the blockchain system in their processes.

And what better than to have something from here, that understands us better and is willing to help us to make community and grow together.

Benefits staking with MAR

In these moments with a price between 350 and 360 satoshis you can do the calculation of what you can win.

If you buy 10,000 MAR

10,000 MAR x 350 satoshis = 0.035 BTC = $ 183.79

You get an average of between 150 and 200 MAR daily

175 MAR x 350 satoshis = 0.00061250 satoshis = 3.22 $

You recover the investment in less than 2 months

And that’s not counting in the compound interest calculation, that is, if you keep your currency and do not get the daily benefit this can be reduced to about 40 or 45 days. Keep in mind that the first day you do staking with 10,000 and the second with 10,150 and so you go adding.

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